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Title: two nurse friends | Medium: Hand coloured giclée print of digitally manipulated photograph| Size: 42cm x 42 cm |Date created: 2020 |Framed: Float mounted behind glass with a wooden frame surround.

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Title: two nurse friends | Medium: Hand coloured giclée print of digitally manipulated photograph| Size: 42cm x 42 cm |Date created: 2020 |Framed: Float mounted behind glass with a wooden frame surround.

‘two nurse friends’ is a digitally manipulated photograph from Sue Greeff; South African nurse-turned-fine-artist, personal archive of nurse images from the 70’s and 80’s.

The signed and dated giclée print is printed on Felix Schoeller, True Rag Etching, 310g, 100% cotton, ph Buffered paper. Each giclée print is then hand coloured in oils in various places to create the original work.

two nurse friends’ is one of 15 works in the growing ‘nurses series’ collection and there are 5 hand coloured works in oil of each print.

In this work the artist has drawn attention to the white uniform, cape and hat. These iconic symbols of the profession from the 1800’s right up until the late 80’s gave nurses a distinctive look. Today ‘scrubs’ are standard attire and it’s not always easy to distinguish which part of the medical team nurses belong to.

‘Nurses are heroes’ is the ubiquitous narrative of 2020. Mostly, though, they are simply human. Nursing, which seldom gets attention in the media, has suddenly been valourised. A spontaneous gratitude towards frontline Covid-19 warriors has flowed from everywhere and reverberated, quite literally, through streets of cities across the globe.

More than that, the awareness of how undervalued nurses are – at a time when anyone can suddenly find themselves reliant on nursing care in 2020. Covid-19 has made everyone witnesses or potential witnesses to what a world without service, care and duty towards strangers would be like. Many people with family in hospital have relied on and been almost tearfully thankful to nurses who act as conduits of information and messages between the isolated sick and their anxious loved ones.

What has remained true of nurses since my training in the seventies, is that there is a fundamental and “inherent empathy” that nurses seem to have, and which they retain long into their careers.

I think people might start considering what is important, what we have valued until now, and whether cold capitalism is how we want to continue living. Or are we going to start looking at our humanity?

I suppose what my ‘nurses’ series’ does for me is pose the question: what is it that we value? And where might benevolence, selflessness and empathy rate in a post-Covid world?

Text abridged from the feature in the Daily Maverick 14th August 2020.


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Sue Greeff studied at UCT’s Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2015 and she graduated with a BA Fine Art degree with a distinction in painting.

Her artistic practice looks at the cross over between biology, psychology and art. Her fascination with the body and mind stems from her past experiences as a midwife, psychiatric nurse and mother.

She carefully considers her mediums to communicate sexuality, reproduction and emotional states using various mediums including; ink on paper, oil on canvas and ink on latex.

Greeff’s desire is that her artworks will stimulate discussions around the concepts she presents without being didactic.

The artist has participated in a number of solo and group shows and her work is held in private collections locally and internationally.

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“I’ve used her for many years and always been delighted with her personalized service and the professional result” – Sue Greeff

Item Name:  ‘two nurse friends’

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